Mobilising economists and their influence to help arrest the planetary emergency

The climate crisis demands an economic transformation on a scale and timeframe with few historical parallels. If the discipline which dedicates itself to studying the economy cannot sufficiently engage in the economic transformation that safeguarding the future requires, then who else can be expected to do this?

Economists have an enormous responsibility and opportunity to help provide the intellectual and analytical framework to accelerate the transformation to a just, post-carbon world.

But unfortunately, they are not sufficiently seizing this opportunity, nor living up to this responsibility. It is as much business-as-usual for economists as it is for any other group: 

  • Top economics journals are hardly publishing articles on the climate crisis.
  • Economists are too rarely speaking out on this issue in public.
  • Departments sparsely cover these questions in their curriculums. 

The economics profession is failing to sufficiently mobilise its resources and use its influence to help combat the planetary emergency.

Economists for Future is founded on the conviction that this can and has to change. We are an experiment to find out whether a few targeted international campaigns and a synthesised case for change can rupture some of the discipline-wide inertia that is preventing the profession from meaningfully contributing to arresting environmental breakdown. For more details see our approach.